Photo of the Day: October 9th

Our STORY returns this coming weekend! Majesty gets to the source of the trouble, and finds… more trouble!


  • Great to see another installment of the story 🙂

    And how wonderfully fitting that Majesty’s “comfy chair” is a Chaise Longue 😆 Perfect

  • While I think the actress is great, I feel like were getting a bit too much Majesty lately. I think my issue lies with it being my least favorite costume in the roster. But I hope those who enjoy it get their fix with this one.

      • Exactly this. I understand what Mike is saying, but having a reliable actress that comes back often (especially one as great as majesty) might hopefully lead to longer story arcs?

        Bluebird’s whole rivalry with Eliza Rose, and long time captive across multiple videos is something I very much hope to see return with other heroines

      • To much bluebird or Majesty no way. Not possible.
        The roster here is way more diverse then other heroine themed sites. So why complaining.
        For me there can’t be too much Majesty and missing Bluebird still every release.

        • I don’t want to pile on here, but I think it’s wonderful to see another Majesty video, especially in the story, and she’s putting together a strong case to be my MVP for this year. I agree about the benefits of having some stability in the cast and Majesty is just so excellent that her continued appearances are a gift.
          I hear you on the costume, although I love the colors and the fit. I think she should dump the cape (I’m anti-cape in general, but especially here) and I enjoy seeing her in other costumes from time to time. It’s not my favorite costume, but far from my least and it would have to be a lot worse to dampen my appreciation of Majesty. Love seeing her hair pulled back!

          • God forbid I give a respectful dissenting opinion lol

            As mentioned: love the actress, not a huge fan of the character. She sells KO’s the best out of all the ladies, in my opinion. I would just rather see her wear something like Princess or Celestia. Aka something that shows off those glorious legs.

          • I didn’t mean to instigate a pile on or anything. It just reminded me of that comment, which pretty much coincided with Bluebirds last regular appearance.

            I’ll be honest, comments along the lines of who you want to see more or less of can’t really have any bearing on matters. I want variety in releases, I also want to shoot with more popular characters based on sales and in addition I can often be given no choice in the matter based on who is available when I can shoot.

            Majesty gets canned if her videos don’t sell OR if she doesn’t want to do it anymore. There is no other reason. I will use her (or anyone) less or not at all for the first reason, and the second reason is out of my hands.

            As to costumes… I liaise with the actresses about the costumes. Undoubtedly if they come from a dance or gymnastic background they will be more relaxed about this as they’ve probably done shows in a quarter of the material. If they are primarily from an acting background they might be more cautious, and I have to respect that or I probably can’t use them.

            You can make a ‘dissenting’ comment if you like, but it really won’t be a case of me trying to piss you off.

    • Too much Majesty????? What, you would rathe rnot have no Majesty at all?? People once said that about Bluebird, now there is no Bluebird.
      I’d rather have Majesty every day than none at all!! Bring on the Majestt overbombing.

  • Loving her queenly and cold attitude here! Also would love to see that costume without the belt someday. With the big M and crown there I feel like it´s a strong symbol and taking it away would really piss her off or signal a total defeat. Some bad guy would love to have that trophy!

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      You know, that concept doesn’t get explored enough. Taking articles of a heroine’s clothing as trophy and signifying her utter defeat. Now obviously there’s a lot of debooting that goes on in NGC land but that always feels more catered towards foot fetishes than an actual defeat. I want a villain to take something that’s more significant to the heroine like her cape or her belt like you said. Something specific to the heroine that’s very identifiable. All too often when I watch skirt wearing heroines, I fantasize a lot of one of the villain just removing their skirt and waving it around as trophy, mocking a knocked out heroine. Now obviously that’s probably too raunchy for NGC but a person can dream of it happening to Patriot Girl or Captain Liberty one day. Fun fact though, that did happen to the Angel actress but it was a Rye production in Villain United 2. Oh how much I kept replaying that part for years!

      • Yeah I agree, the skirt removal thing is not something for PG 13 content and actresses (at least when they working here in NGC) but the accessory removal thing could lead to some unique situations with higher stakes or humiliation scenarios.

        Now imagine a heroine who gets her powers from an item and she is either defeated or has that item stolen and has to infiltrate a lair/hideout to retrieve it, without her powers. Basically the premise of a Transform video but with higher stakes since she can´t use her powers to fight back if she gets discovered! (and also I find the idea of incomplete or partially broken costumes very appealing, especially if that leads to a reduction in power or protection for the user)

  • Hey, any chance of a majesty miniseries along the lines of Angel Deadly Sins or Bluebird 2020 : something which explores the character a bit. She’s beautiful, funny, and sells peril so well…

  • My goodness!! Every photo with her is pure photographuc gold. The camera obviously is in love with her. She certainly has that IT thing.

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