Photo of the Day: September 10th

Out TODAY for EVERYONE! Lady X gets caught in the Multiverse with an angry and lethal Requiem! It’s about to land right here!


  • I wanted to wait until the weekend was over to attempt to post some random thoughts.

    I’m going to try my best to make this as spoiler-free as possible…This was simply amazing!

    Requiem was brilliant in her ability to maintain a level of sanity and clarity despite the Sisyphusian nature of her task. One would think three years of traveling countless multiverses would drive one insane, but she stood fast against the odds. I found myself actually rooting for her knowing full well her intentions.

    Loved the small touch in having the original Deceptress actress voice a brief synopsis of prior events thus making the “change” all the more plausible.

    LadyX/Deceptress was outstanding in her portrayal of not being aware of anything that had transpired in the past three years and acting “full-on heroine” mode despite gaining more knowledge with each “trip”. LadyX questioning her own sanity was also very fun to watch.

    Most of us that follow this genre are well aware that multiversal storylines have now become commonplace and almost cliche, but this story was very good in its handling of the subject matter.

    I am under the assumption that much of NGC’s content is storyboarded/outlined well in advance to assure continuity makes sense, but it would be fun if a third chapter appeared in which Requiem’s device malfunctions due to repeated use and she were stuck hopping multiverses and slowly “morphing” into an established character/heroine (similar to “Lady Decptress”) much to her chagrin before slowly forgetting her original task.

    I’ve rambled enough, but this was easily one of my favorite episodes!

    • Thank you, it is nice to see Requiem getting the praise she deserves as well, she has always done a good job for us. I’m not sure about a third chapter, nothing written down as yet, I decided to do this simply because ‘On Guard’ was so popular, and we were still working with Requiem so I fancied another spin at the idea.

  • This was one the best videos by NGC. I initially hesitated purchasing it, because I don’t like death endings, but finally got it because Lady X is my favorite NGC actress. Lady X did not disappoint.
    I need not have been concerned about the death endings. There were a few, interspersed among a virtually innumerable sequence of knockouts. This is because the plot involved a time loop scenario similar to the old Star Trek TNG episode, or perhaps more famously Groundhog Day. Consequently, as soon as the heroine was dead, she was up and around again.
    All this was handled with fast paced excitement which belied the fact that the heroine never had a chance in any of the encounters. But what made all this really work was the lighthearted approach taken to the subject matter, and all the credit for that must go to the Lady X actress.
    We really need to cherish this time with performer while we have her here. In addition to a physique which is every inch the superheroine–and which must require a bit of effort to maintain–, she is graced with the most lovely of faces–as long as she doesn’t apply make-up whic gives her lips a somewhat bee-stung look. Add to those physical attributes superb acting abilities, able to portray any emotion and an ability to do accents to such a degree that I am still uncertain if she is a British girl doing an American accent for Lady X, or an American girl doing a British accent for Supremacy Beta. I am guessing the former, but I am not ready to make any wagers on that.
    On top of all this talent is a wonderful sense of humor, beautifully expressed in her performances. And that’s what made this video work so well. Without the sense of fun with which she imbues it, this scenario might have been tedious. As it is with her performance, it’s one of the two or three best NGC videos ever.
    Sorry to go on so long, but I really did cut out a lot more of what I wanted to say about the marvelous Lady X.

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