• I always loved her in that Shadow Fox suit 🙂
    I know ActionCosplay is a little looser than NGC with having different actresses take on the same (or similar) roles… so what are the chances of someone new stepping into the Shadow Fox suit in the future? (That’s if you still have the suit, after Feline Fury got her claws into it 😉 )
    I’ve seen over at KickAssKandy just how gorgeous the Captain Liberty actress looks in a purple catsuit… and she doesn’t have an ActionCosplay character yet…

    Just throwing it out there 🙂

    • Yeah it is battle damaged, I might reboot the character, not sure. AC has evolved into more of a proving ground, or just a place to do something bonkers. It has a thread of a story, but I’ve found it very difficult over the past couple of years to keep stories where I want them, due to the churn in actors thanks to the pandemic. I think I’d mostly like to use it for fun at this point.

      • Yeah, I definitely agree with you about using AC for fun, and as a proving ground, rather than a more structured continuing story.
        I guess I just have a big thing for Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl, so it was nice to see a version of that iconic costume alongside the Supergirls and Wonder Women 🙂

  • Freaking masterpiece! Loved the cowl in the first iteration of the suit but completely understood why it needed to be removed and changed, yet the character still looked awesome. Love when my heroines wear some colour too!

    And having her played by Erica’s actress was the cherry on top! Hope ypu bring this character back someday

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