Photo of the Day: September 15th

And of course Dominator’s huge and deadly clash with Celestia in ‘The Trial’!


  • This is a tremendous video! I watched this recently, revisiting some older favorites the last few months, and what a debut! The Dominator’s combat skills are unquestionably excellent, but she’s already a great actress as well, playing opposite one of the best in NGC history . The Dominator gleefully wrecks Celestia for most the duration, but she also has a few subtle moments, like halfway through the video after Celestia has passed out in a chokehold and the Dominator cradles her, quietly declaring “finally, justice has found you” to the insensate heroine. She may be a cold-blooded mercenary for the Dark Superiors, but she actually believes in the righteousness of her cause, at least in this battle. What a moment.

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