Photo of the Day: September 15th

Sonica was in the pre-photoshooting days, only just. Consequently not enough photos of her. She looks pretty annoyed about it.


  • Such a wonderful actress and design!

    I know you managed to get a couple of shoots in with the original costume, please tell me that you also shot something with the second version of it. My credit card is ready!

  • Call her back! Shoot those photos! Can’t have this girl annoyed…she might blow out our ear drums!

    …ok, probably more “wishing” than anything at this point.
    She made some great videos, of which I have quite a few.
    She always reminded me of Shadowstar. Not sure if anyone else ever noticed the resemblence.

  • She is like “do you even lift bro”?
    Honestly one of the most amazing bodies from the actresses you ever had. Killer legs and enough nuscle in the arms too, and a fantastic debut costume and color combo.

    Sad we don’t have more material with her

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