Photo of the Day: September 16th

Don’t forget, if you want this week’s Member Gift of UNSEEN Wonderstrike from ‘Villain’s Accomplice – Part 1’ you need to open yesterday’s email! In 24 hours it gets deleted!


  • Awesome gift!!!

    I loved that blooper in the middle. Especially the way she continued reacting to the hits after the blooper. You could easily have kept that in the final edit, and it would have just looked like Wonderstrike was showboating and taunting the baddies 😆

    Also, she’s absolutely mesmerizing in those shiny black pants! 😮 I’ve got to go and re-watch that two-parter ASAP

  • Thanks for the great vid ! The ‘3 punch’ and ending scene where the Wonderstike actress accidentally throws the villain in the wall for real were great ! 🙂

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