• Yay, She’s back. Looking forward to anything with Shining Spirit in it. She must be a bit of a challenging character to script for. On the one hand nobody looks better taking lumps and getting beat down than does Shining Spirit. On the other hand she’s pretty believable as a fighter delivering great looking kicks and punches.

    I know everyone has their opinions, but personally I’m hoping that one of the big ole baddies mops the floor with her. Something akin to the way The Dominator used to wipe the mat with Erica Lynn. Shining Spirit looks so good on the receiving end of a beat down, but she’s yet to take a really humiliating pummeling. Hoping to see that soon.

    Either way, win or lose, Shining Spirit is my favorite heroine in your current stable. … I’m sure many others like her too. How could you not?

    • I agree. I love seeing this gorgeous heroine getting a good working over, particularly by a vicious villainess. I foresee much pain in store for the lovely Shining Spirit in the near future.

    • @Tim Caine
      I’m happy you also mentioned about how great she is at delivering great kicks and punches, as well as taking them, because that was really the side of her that initially blew me away when I first saw her. I love watching her kick!

      Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say no to seeing her receive a one-sided beat down, either.
      Besides, I’ve got a couple of videos of her from another studio, where she’s the one dishing out the one-sided beat down… so I guess that’ll even it out 😉

    • I also hope to xee her sufferiong a one-sided beating from begining to end. She always look her best when taking a beating, the more brutal the better.

  • Great news! She has a tremendous figure but is shorter than what she looks like, meaning the bad guys get to look more menacing when fighting her!

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