Photo of the Day: September 25th

Does Captain Liberty fall against Lightstalker and Killscape? Will this mean her being forced into the Guardian Program? Find out TODAY!


  • The conclusion to Lost Guardians was as excellent as I hoped/expected it to be. Captain Liberty gives an athletic, high-energy performance of the kind fans like me treasure. She’s especially good here with the desperation of a long-imprisoned heroine fighting at the end of her endurance, taking a last stand for her principles against tremendous suffering. Lightstalker is wonderful as well, and I’m fully invested in the development of Killscape’s Guardians.
    The ending poses a few intriguing questions. NGC has a bunch of great non-canon series that allow for all kinds of fun developments, what ifs, and exciting conclusions that don’t have to affect continuities, but I’d love to see ongoing story entries a bit more frequently.
    Wonderful members gift! Comet Girl is a treasure.

    • Thanks, that’s a very nice review and I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. The performances were really great, we couldn’t have asked for more. On the point about the frequency of story videos, we actually produce them faster now than we ever did in the past, and if anything I’m inclined to do them as often as I can keep it all coherent. I’d rather take a month or two off and wait for the right person to be available, than shoe-horn an episode in that doesn’t end up getting a pay-off. Basically, I can go at this speed if it still makes sense, but happy to slow down in search of that. I won’t be going faster.

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