Photo of the Day: September 26th

OUT TODAY… Old enemies collide and the Lockdown/Unity battle hits Planet Earth in ‘Fancy Seeing You Here!’


  • Hi is there a reason we dont see posts about your releases on Heroine Movies anymore? I ask mainly because they contain reviews that can inform purchasing decisions!

    • I can’t get into that without breaching confidences. Suffice to say that I continue to have a good relationship with HM, who is a good guy.

  • Finally got to see this today and really enjoyed it. Very cool to hear the back and forth between the two old enemies, with Killscape taunting CB4 with a hint about the hidden background of the Fail-Safe Sisters uncovered late in the series. The quips about where Carmen would fit in the Equilibrium publicity campaign for their new heroine group was great. Seems like EQ are putting together their own Spice Girls.
    Carmen is stunning, btw. She was among my favorites in the UPL (probably her and Sinfonia) and she’s a wonderful actress. I look forward to seeing her again soon.

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