Photo of the Day: September 5th

If you could put Celestia in the ring against anyone, who would you choose?


  • Malicia Divine!
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think those two have ever met…right?… which seriously needs rectifying.
    Their powers would be a good match for each other, I think, and they’re both two of my favourites, so I wouldn’t know who to root for… Just as long as it went the distance 😀

  • Whoever the biggest available jobber is. Lady V, M Freedom, Deceptress… whoever. Have Celestia laugh them off, mock their W/L record…. then once the bell rings, she gets totally destroyed. False pins, attempted submissions that the opponent ignores, costume destruction, etc. Then after being pinned, Celestia is out cold and kicked from the ring. As the victor celebrates, a proper villain comes the the ring and promptly destroys her. Celestia comes to, sees the carnage, and cowers as the new victor walks past her out of the ring, utterly unconcerned.

  • That’s a tough one as there are so many good villains and villainesses that would make some great match ups against Celestia ! Would love to see what Snare would do in the ring with his unique tactics !!

  • Love the ideas so far (especially Malicia!), but I’d love to see her face Comet Girl! They’ve fought side-by-side, but a KO-heavy battle between the two would be excellent.
    Celestia v Snare would also be great. The recent photoset of the two was wonderful, and there hasn’t really been a bondage-focused Championship match so far. Sounds very intriguing.

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