Photo of the Day: September 6th

This costume always suits a blonde… but are there any darker haired heroines you’d like to see wear it?


  • Mario Alberto Camacho Carranza says:

    Deceptress y Sonica se verรญan realmente hermosas en ese traje.
    (De hecho con cualquier traje se ven perfectas?

  • Lightstalker looked terrific in this costume already, and keeping with the L’s I think Lady Victory and Lucy Zillion would both be great.
    For someone a bit more contemporary, Princess comes to mind.

  • The way i see it, it’s the actress that also plays Shining Spirit that fits best the Marvalette costume. Accept no substitutes about blondes in the costume.
    The one brunette i could see in that costume is the actress that plays Majesty.

  • This is a tough question really as there are so many wonderful blondes on the current line up.
    Have to agree about shining spirit. Her curves seem perfect for the costume. Also I think the actress who made her debut as power woman would suit the costume too if the opportunity arises in the future. I think Celestia or Majesty would be great as marvelette out of the darker haired heroines. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Man, what is it about that costume? It’s like the Lady Victory and Supremacy costumes. EVERYONE looks great in them! (not to say Patriot-Girl wouldn’t look great in anything!).
    As for your question, NGC, right off the top of my head, of the actresses currently available, Majesty is the first person who comes to mind. Lady X would look pretty good in that outfit, too.

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