Photo of the Day: September 9th

Only 24 hours until the Starshot (and Dreamweaver) Member Gift gets deleted. Open yesterday’s email for full details!


    • Ha! That’s very interesting to me. I haven’t watched it in a long time, but I remember liking it, and I have some memories of filming it as it was her first day and everything. Yes, it’s probably better than The Godfather thinking about it.

  • Great to see more behind-the-scenes photo shoot footage, and a treat for any fan of Starshot and Dreamweaver (which is everyone, surely)

    I joined the site just in time to pick up that Starshot and Dreamweaver photo-set when it was released, but I must have just missed out on getting the Starbird/Blueshot (?) set, because that was new to me.

  • I like behind the scenes vids like this one as somethings it’s hard to picture what the photo shoots look like if you’re not there. It gives NGC fans a sneak peak into this ! 🙂

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