Photo Set Tuesday – 3 Days To Go!

Oh, won’t this weekend finish?! Surely everyone’s favourite day of the week is Tuesday now? What with NGC’s famous ‘Photo Set Tuesday’ happening every one in two? Only 3 days to wait I suppose. Celestia takes on Malicia Divine! Infinite Patriot-Girl tries to defeat the Masked Man, and Majesty in the Athena costume takes on Nemesis and his brutal henchwoman! Lastly, Part 2 of Lady Victory Origins, starring herself and a vicious blonde villainess looking to take her crown!

You need to be a Member to get access to these sets on Tuesday, it is FREE to join our membership. You get access to 100 new sets the normal’s don’t see. You get Member Gift videos most week’s, and early access and discounts for new video releases. It’s pretty good.



  • These already looked great before, but now that I know there’s going to be added Malicia too … well, it’s going to be Divine 😆

  • Just noticed that Majesty II has been renamed Princess in the Characters section. I guess the Princess name is to trick villains into thinking that she is weak and can’t fight before she pummels them into the ground 🙂

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