Photo Set Tuesday – 3 Days To Go!

The anticipation is building for another Photo Set Tuesday in just 3 days time! Miss Freedom’s photo call in the Bluebird costume goes badly wrong when she’s attacked from behind by Killscape! Miracle Maiden faces off against both Killscape AND Nemesis (uh-oh)! Princess expects an easy ride against a Darkheart (its isn’t easy)! And Comet Girl, Virtue and Bluebird star in our heritage set. If you like the look of these then you need to be a Member to get them. Don’t worry, it is FREE to join and you get access to around 100 photo sets a year that non-members won’t see for years! Plus discounts on new video releases, and special member gift videos. It’s great.


  • It looks really cool seeing the Miracle Maiden outfit so close to the Majesty/Princess outfit.
    I know one is AC, and the other is NGC, but I think it would make for a really awesome photo-set to see them both together… maybe fighting each-other.

    • I don’t think the Comet Girl actress is coming back unless NGC has a trick up their sleeve. Hopefully NGC has more unreleased pics or vids of the Comet Girl actress 🙂

  • back in 2020 there was 3 minutes of bluebird pt 2 extra takes put out with wonderstrike in the danger room. at the time didnt have extra funds. any chance i can make a special purchase for bluebird 2020 pt 2 extra takes?

    • Sorry Daniel. I actually regularly get these questions in emails, and I do sympathise, but I want people to know that if they miss a member gift, it is gone. Do I foresee a time or situation where I might potentially re-release them? Not sure, but if it did happen it would be YEARS away. So many years I might actually die before I get around to it. I am 100% committed as much as possible to meaning what I say on this. Sorry about that.

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