Photo Set Tuesday – 3 Days To Go!

Only 3 days until we unleash another Photo Set Tuesday on you! Yes, we’re determined to improve Tuesday’s from being a slightly dull and drab day, to something more like a Thursday level at least. We’ve got Majesty & Alias teaming up to take on 2 villains, Miss Freedom in the Spectrum costume v Anvil, Metro-Girl getting mesmerised by Nemesis, and a stonewall classic Bluebird set. Unreal. Make sure to open your emails on… TUESDAY!


  • These look great 😀
    I had a fun idea for possible image sets. We all love a bit of costume swapping, right… but how about letting the villainesses in on the fun?
    Just imagine, Dominator as Miss Freedom, Sister Fate as Bluebird, Malicia Divine as Starshot, Requiem as Deceptress… oh the possibilities

    • Certainly an interesting idea. I could try it some time and if it dies on its arse then I’ll know I guess.

  • The Metro Girl actress is ridiculously pretty there!! Be it loosing or ending she always look awesome! Really wish to see her in that costume in a NGC Championship ring match

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