Photo Set Tuesday – 3 Days To Go!

Only 3 days until Photo Set Tuesday hits! You’re going to love this one! Miracle Bella takes on Cyber-Duke and his redstone (uh-oh)! Shining Spirit in the Angel costume runs into a very angry Lady Nemesis, while Captain Victory starts to look like Captain Defeat against Lord Nemesis. Lastly, our heritage set consists of Miss Freedom, Virtue, and Qaran Casus in the second ‘Prizefighter‘ video, the precursor to the Championship. You must be a Member to gain access to these sets within the Member email. Sign up now for free if you ever want these, because if you miss them, the wait will be looooooonnnnnngggg before they come around again, if ever.


  • Another excellent looking batch 🙂
    Almost seems like the Shining Spirit set could be a sequel to this weeks video, with Lady Nemesis showing Shining Spirit what she missed out on

  • Yes Virginia, there really IS an NGC.
    Looks like I picked the wrong week to have health issues (turns out, not as serious as it first seemed).
    I think I may have to refer to NGC as “Santa”, for the holiday season, for the wonderful gifts he leaves us every week.
    Please do not take my absence as a lack of enthusiasm.
    I am absolutely over the moon with excitement at seeing the return of….Bella!
    I was wondering if she was ever going to make an appearance again.
    Very much looking forward to seeing Miracle Bella in action.
    Thanks for your hard work, NGC.

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