Photo Set Tuesday: 3 Days To Go!

Tuesday’s are wonderful in NGC-land, and this Tuesday will not be an exception! Super-Bella fights Nemesis (uh-oh), Majesty takes on the foot taller Requiem (oh dear), Shining Spirit appears to do well against the Masked Man (expect a comeback)… and our classic set is from ‘Get The Staff!‘ where Celestia and Comet Girl teamed-up against the bad guys! Open Tuesday’s Member email if you want these. Lastly, if you aren’t a Member, you need to be a Member before Tuesday if you want to see these sets anytime soon. It will likely be years before they are re-released, and I can’t be sure it will ever happen such is the volume of stuff. I also have no clue what will be happening whenever that time comes. Do NOT miss your opportunity. Every week I’ll get at least one email from someone who didn’t sign up in time asking me to send them the links… NO. That is not the deal, the deal is to sign up in time, I don’t lie to my Members when I tell them what the rules are.


  • If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn that was a perspective trick of the camera with Requiem and Majesty. That’s some serious height difference! 😮
    Another lovely and iconic look for Bella. 🙂
    That’s an awesome shot of Shining Spirit 😀
    Yay, I’ve been eagerly looking forward to “Get the Staff” coming around for re-release 🙂 Comet-Girl and Celestia together! Bargain

  • I think my favourite Bella photo set, so far, is still the Lady Atom one, but the Supremacy outfit is looking REAL good on her.
    Majesty, Shining Spirit, and the “Get the staff!” revist all are icing on the cake.
    Very much looking forward to this one.

  • I cannot recommend MAJESTY MORE!! I hope those who really want these sign up before Tuesday. It’s easy, free and gets people a lot of info they would otherwise be asking about. I CANT WAIT FOR THIS TUESDAY!!

  • A thought for a future set… Bella in the Captain Liberty outfit… just because the name “Liberty Bella” is too good to pass up 😉
    Well, it’s almost a pun

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