Photo Set Tuesday: 3 Days To Go!

Yes, in just 3 days it is going to be Tuesday again. I know I can hardly wait, and nor should you when you’ll be getting access to 3 New Photo Sets and 1 Enhanced Classic.

We’ve got Captain Deceptress, Majesty as Shadowstar, Super-Candy, and Angel looking better than ever from her ‘Deadly Sins Part 3’ photo set in 2014. Make sure to open your email on Tuesday!


  • Now I’m really looking forward to seeing that classic Deceptress costume in an Alias adventure…it’s iconic at this point!!

    • TBH, the original Deceptress costume would be quite far down my list of costumes I’d like to see Alias wear. Never really been a fan of it. Much prefer the 2nd Deceptress costume…
      And even then, there’s a lot more costumes I’d rather see

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