Photo Set Tuesday – 3 Days To Go!

Photo Set Tuesday is almost upon us if we can get this pesky weekend out of the way. We’ve got Celestia in the Lady Victory costume taking on Alaric, Miss Freedom v Sister Fate, and a Marvelette garbed Wonderstrike trying to take down the Enforcer. So many tough looking fights… will our heroines succeed? Almost certainly not.

We’ve also got an ENHANCED Shadowstar set that includes some of its own action. Make sure to open your Member email on Tuesday if you want access to these sets. Not a member? Sign up now for FREE and get much more than merely access to over 100 photo sets a year, get discounts and early access to new video releases and a plethora of member gifted videos. It’s the best membership program on the internet. Possibly.


  • Looks like another great week for photos 🙂
    Hmm, interesting question… Celestia’s been here since near enough the beginning, but is this the first time in all those years that she’s been shown wearing a costume with a bare midriff?
    Surely not… but I had a long look through the archives, and couldn’t find another instance.
    (definitely looking forward to that one 😀 )

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