Photo Set Tuesday – 3 Days to Go!

Only 3 days until Photo Set Tuesday hits again! And here are your match-ups: Katia gives Bluebird a bruising in our classic re-release… Captain Liberty takes on the Mad Dr Progress, Patriot-Girl is feeling confident against a Darkheart, and Lady X might have Starshot’s powers, but what good are they against Lord Nemesis?? You’ll find out in 3 days as long as you are a member and open your email! Not a member? Boy I hope you’re new, because if you’ve been hanging around for years and still haven’t signed up I don’t know what more I can offer… 100 New Photo Sets a Year, Access to new releases 2 days before everyone else AND at a price discount, UNSEEN video from our back catalogue, consideration for limited custom slots before all others…. AND IT IS FREE!! You can sign up all over this site, you get 6 emails a month, if you don’t open them you get archived and won’t hear from us again. Think of all the rubbish that gets sent to your inbox that you don’t care about, this is actually an email you’ll look forward to getting! /end pitch.


  • More great looking sets 🙂
    That Dr Progress always cracks me up 😆 and of course I love anything with Captain Liberty in.
    Looking forward to seeing the two new girls in action

  • I’ve always preferred the female villains, but Dr. Progress and Alaric take top billing among the guys. Very good actors that seem to truly inhabit their roles!

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