Photo Set Tuesday – Next Week

The good thing about the week between ‘Photo Set Tuesday’s’ is that you get to find out who the heroines are for the next Photo Set Tuesday. Yep, pretty good, huh? Celestia in a Power-Girl costume, Majesty as Miracle Maiden, Classic Candy Race, and our heritage set is Comet Girl’s first appearance in the Suki Deluxe costume from ‘Copycat Trap’, a set we have enhanced for this release! More details to follow!



  • If Majesty II does another photo set, can she wear pantyhose the next time as I think that this is the 2nd set that she does barelegged 🙁 Thanks !

  • Awesome looking sets!
    Big fan of the Power Girl costume, so it’s great to see another set with it, on top of this weeks release. And wow! Celestia really suits it!
    Wonderful to see Majesty II in the Miracle Maiden costume again. She’s perfect for the role, and I’m definitely hoping that some day she’ll wear it in a video, too.
    I only just recently got Copycat Trap, so it will be nice to see the set from it too.
    Lovely to see some more Candy as well 🙂

  • Comet Girl has been absent lately.
    I know the actress is pretty busy and its hard to schedule her with any regularity, but I was wondering if she’ll ever be back, or has Comet Girl finally run off into the sunset?

  • GrootMaster says:

    Nice costume for Celestia! Is the actress still available to new shooting? Wondering if she will ever be in new NGC or AC stories anymore.

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