Photo Set Tuesday – NEXT WEEK

You know the drill by now… Every other Tuesday we release 3 glorious NEW Photo Sets, and 1 Classic Set from the past. Which means on the weeks we don’t release them, you get to see what is coming up! NEXT WEEK… ‘Shining-Bluebird’, Miss Freedom in the catsuit, Wonderstrike v Aurora, and a classic Celestia set. These releases are MEMBER ONLY. If you aren’t a member, you can sign up on this site. It is FREE! You get access to 100 new sets a year, plus early and discounted video releases PLUS unseen video from previous videos. It is (probably) the greatest thing you can sign up to on the internet.


  • That’s the Ubiquity/Marvelette 2.0 actress dressed as Bluebird, isn ‘t it? She rocks that outfit!!
    I have become quite a fan. May i sugest ressurecting Bluebird with her? I’m sure nothing really stops her from playing two different characters who are not related to each other than sharing rhe same actress.

    • Ubiquity and Marvelette 2.0 are different actresses.
      Ubiquity’s previous role around here is Jennifer over in UPL

      • Yes, there have been a bunch of new actresses debuting recently in videos and photosets, many in more than one role or costume. As Guido84 notes, Ubiquity also played Jennifer over at Pain League, and Marvelette 2 appeared in a photoset about a month ago in a new costume billed as “Shining Spirit”. She’s the one in the Bluebird costume. There’s yet another new actress above, credited as “Aurora”, who has already appeared in Spectrum’s costume and in a really nice-looking Starlight (from The Boys) costume.
        Beyond these three, we’ve seen a new Supremacy (white costume) in Action Cosplay just recently and the same actress wore Starshot’s costume in a photoset a few weeks ago in which she was called “Lady X”. Another photoset released the same week featured a new actress wearing a costume that resembled Miss Freedom’s original skirt look who was named “Patriot-Girl”. Finally, I think, a new Action Cosplay heroine named “Silver Bullet” appeared in a video not long ago. Apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone.
        That’s not even mentioning the new bad girls and guys we’ve met recently.

        • Shortly before Silver Bullet made her appearance over at Action Cosplay, there was also Force Girl.
          This is certainly an exciting time over here, with all this new talent. NGC sure knows how to cast.

          And as you said below… I swear we’re different people 😆

  • She totally rocks that Bluebird costume! 😮
    And Yay! My favourite Miss Freedom suit.
    Always lovely to see more Celestia and Wonderstrike.
    And all I can say about Aurora in that black number… Wow!

    Definitely four winners here

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