Photo Set Tuesday – Next Week!

The best thing about a week off Photo Set Tuesday is that you get to find out what is coming next week! Yes, it’s pretty great. Majesty in the Supergirl costume, Alias in the Bluebird costume, Lady X rocking Shadowstar, and a classic set involving Erica AND Celestia (though I’m only showing the Erica part for now). You need to be a member to get our these next week so make sure you sign up for FREE if you haven’t already.


  • Can’t wait for that “Lady X as Shadowstar” photoset! I’m not as much of a fan of the Supergirl costume as many are, I think, but any costume Majesty wears is a great costume.

  • I remember Erica looking so built in that set, like you could almost see the muscles under the bodysuit it was insane!!

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