Photo Set Tuesday – NEXT WEEK!

In one week we will have another beautiful ‘Photo Set Tuesday’ for you! This time Majesty II rocks the Athena costume again, we’ve got Celestia in her home colours, and Patriot-Girl keeping the blue and red, but the Infinity Girl style! Lastly, our classic set is ‘Lady Victory Origins – Part 2’ photo set, including her blonde would-be successor, but of course Lady V is very much part of this set too! Only 1 week to wait!


  • Patriot-Girl totally rocks the Infinity Girl suit!!!
    Nice to see more Majesty II as Athena. She was conspicuously absent from the custom list (I didn’t want to bring it up, because I know it must getting annoying for you to be repeatedly asked if someone’s still around), so it’s nice to know there’s at least another photo-set with Maj II to enjoy. Same for Celestia.

    That blonde in Lady V origins was definitely a case of “Wow! I wish she’d been in more!” She was awesome.
    Quick, follow the alternate ending, and lets have an evil Lady Victory 😆

  • Who is the character in the last photo, the one where “Crisis” is on the side rather than on top? Has she been in any videos? If not, any plans to include her in the future?

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