Photo Set Tuesday: NEXT WEEK!

Every Tuesday is a joy on this site. Why? Because it is either ‘Photo Set Tuesday’ itself OR it is the day we reveal who is going to star in the next ‘Photo Set Tuesday’. Today is the latter of those two things, and whom do we have for you? It is a week of blonde bombshells! The original Supremacy! Blue-strike! The original Marvelette! AND classic outdoor Erica! (Who admittedly isn’t blonde, but 3 out of 4 ain’t bad).

If you want these sets next week you need to be a Member. If you aren’t a Member then you can join today for FREE! Not only do you get access to around 100 Photo Sets a year that non-Members don’t get. You also get early access to dozens of new videos AND at discount. Plus special Member Gift videos most week’s as well. It is quite possibly the greatest membership on the internet. No one has ever said otherwise. Join today!


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