Photo Set Tuesday – Next Week!

What have we got for you next week? It’s pretty good: Shining Spirit dons the Comet Girl costume for super-speed! ‘Bella-Black’ runs into trouble! ‘Power X makes a powerful enemy! AND we’ve got Virtue and Miss Freedom’s ‘Prizefighter’ photo set. I think that’s pretty darn good, don’t you? 7 days to wait! Photo Set Tuesday’s are Members-Only events. If you want access to these sets, you need to sign up for Membership. It is FREE!


    • Bella is a recent photo-set model. She has previously worn the Lady Atom suit.
      Here, I imagine, she’s called Bella-Black because she’s wearing the Carmen Black costume

  • More awesome looking sets 😀
    I’d only recently mentioned that I somehow didn’t have any Virtue sets in my collection, so that’s much appreciated 🙂
    Looking forward to all of these

  • Very curious being myself I have collected a lot of the photo sets. I’m wondering how the sales of these compare to the sales of the videos

    Just curious ?

    • Comparing apples with oranges really. There’s enough variety in just video sales to really compare them with photo sets. As a general rule, very general, if we think we’ve done a really good job on whichever product it tends to do better. That’s not to say we haven’t made stuff we loved that didn’t do well. And sometimes we make stuff we know won’t sell that well, but we just really wanted to make it.

      • Have you ever done anything that you didn’t think would do very well, but turns out to do extremely well instead?
        (feel free to cite examples)
        …and…YAY! MY FAVOURITE MODEL (actress? maybe someday?…please?) IS BACK!!!!!
        Very much looking forward to the Bella Black photo set.
        Thank you for making my week. =)

        • Not really. At the most I didn’t think something would do well and it actually did okay, but I don’t think low expectations have ever been completely turned on their heads. I don’t mind making stuff a bit weird or different occasionally because if we made the same video over and over, and even if it were brilliant every time, people would lose interest at our rate of release, so you have to throw in a bit of variety, a Champ, a VTV for example works in a different way to non-canon NGC, and Story videos by necessity can be different again.

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