Photo Set Tuesday: NEXT WEEK

Next week’s Photo Set Tuesday will be excellent, as you’ve come to expect… Super-Majesty, Shining Spirit in the dark Bluebird costume, Wonderstrike becomes even more Marvellous, and we look back at classic Miss Freedom! Only 7 days to wait!


  • Dr Mabuse says:

    Another excellent slate! I can’t get enough Wonderstrike (in possibly my favorite costume of all), Shining Spirit looks terrific in everything (especially in the dark Bluebird outfit), and Majesty is unmissable. I thought her photoset with Requiem awhile back made an excellent case for getting rid of her cape, so maybe she’ll lose it in this set? I can always hope.
    I have the Miss Freedom-as-Fail-Safe-Sister set from way back, but it’s a true classic. That video and photoset may be the best she’s ever looked.

  • Awesome!!!
    I watched “Miss Freedom : Fail-Safe Sister” recently, and she’s insanely hot in that video, even by her usual standards. Looking forward to getting the accompanying photo set 🙂

  • Still teasing the Shining spirit acteress as Bluebird, i see! Just do it, just make her the new Bluebird and be done with it. She would nail the part.

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    Everyone’s jumped into the re-costuming game, well I can do that, too.
    It’s high time for a new Miracle Maiden and I nominate: Patriot-Girl! Or Captain Liberty! Or Lightstalker! Seriously, they’d all be great.
    The photos of Majesty in the Miracle Chick costume was absolute proof that she should take over the role. It’s a shame for that beautiful costume to go unused and I think it would be terrific to see the actress take on a less serious character. Let her play the younger sister this time!
    What’s going to happen with Metro-Girl? Seems that her zero suit is gone and a replacement isn’t working out, so she needs a new (non-Supremacy) outfit. She’s looked great in several photosets dressed as Marvelette, original Bluebird, and Dynamite Doll. There’s already a marvelous Marvelette, so I’d love to see Metro-Girl resurface as a “Daredevil” type vigilante in the Dynamite Doll costume. Just needs a mask.

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