Photo Set Tuesday – Next Week

It will be back next week, so what is in store? Alias is in the Athena costume, we’ve got Part 2 of Miss Freedom as Bluebird battling the Darkheart, Chiara is back as SG… PLUS our heritage set is of Hotshot, our very brief redhead from 2017. Make sure you’re a Member in time for next Tuesday!


  • HOTSHOT!!! Yesss! I’ve been eagerly awaiting a re-release of her photos for a long time 😀 I think I previously referred to it as being my ‘Holy Grail set’, given the rarity.

    Wonderful to see there’s still a bit more Alias to release, and she’s looking amazing in the Athena costume again.
    Great to get another Chiara set, hot on the heels of her fantastic video debut.
    And, of course, always amazing to see Miss Freedom 🙂

  • Alias dressed up again in the Athena costume looks fantastic! Then again, Alias dressed in ANY costume looks fantastic! Looking forward to next week’s photoset Tuesday!

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