Photo Set Tuesday – Next Week!

Yes, yes… Photo Set Tuesday is back next week, making every other Tuesday beautiful, and even the Tuesday’s where you don’t get the full sets, you get these first previews! Next week you’ll get Deceptress in the Virtue costume, Alias as Bluebird, Aurora dons the Infinity Girl outfit, and our heritage set is baby Celestia from her ‘Initiation’! Better open that dang email when it comes next week. Not a member? Ye God’s! How can I convince you further? You get access to new video releases early and at discount, you get access to 100+ new photo sets a year, and also members only videos showing unseen takes from our back catalogue. You get told about sales and custom openings early too, geez Louise, and it’s completely FREE! You can sign up all over this site, 2 emails a week max.

This isn’t like buying one thing from a website and getting a boring email every day for products you don’t care about. Everything we send will be packed with info and visuals on something you’ll actually enjoy! /PITCH



  • If your sales pitch didn’t covince (or I hadn’t been a member for years now), Erica in a Virtue’s outfit with that pink background certainly would have!!! Love that we get to see dome of our favorites this eay even if they haven’t starred in a video in a while. Talk about foresight and foward planning on your part!

    • Thank you, I just wish we could have been in this position years ago because we could have had a lot more of past favourites too. This is a terrific set though, next week is a very strong one.

      • Yeah, I imagine the actresses who played Angel, Athena or Suki Deluxe would have been fan favourites in photosets too!

        Still you did a fantastic job during the pandemic keeping the content flowing!!

        • Thanks, we were quite lucky that we had over-shot in 2019. We had more videos unreleased going into 2020 than we normally would have.

  • Photo sets weren’t really on my radar back then, but I got that Celestia set and it is something else. She’s radiant, and the set has some great posed shots with the drones menacing her.

  • Are the Erica / Deceptress photos pre-pandemic or did she sneak into the NGC studios recently to have the pictures taken ? Thanks !

  • It’s a pity that there won’t be much left from Erica. She hasn’t been in front of the camera for a long time. Erica is my absolute favorite here on this website.

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