Photo Set Tuesday: OUT NOW!

Yes it’s back! And what a superb Photo Set Tuesday we have for you this time: ‘Shining Comet v Sin’, ‘Bella Black v Masked Man’, ‘Power X v Announcer’, and we look back at Virtue’s debut in the classic ‘Prizefighter’ photo set! You’ve already been sent the emails, so enjoy!


  • Awesome sets! 🙂
    Bella looks stunning in that Carmen Black outfit. Great action, and a treat for any chloro fans. As is the Power X set, as it happens. Once again, the actress has a very expressive face for photo sets. Nice to see the Announcer getting in on the action again. There’s a lot of fun interplay between the two.
    The Shining Comet set is flat-out amazing. You all did a great job giving the effect of super-speed in still photos. And I totally lost it when Sin pulled out the frying pan! 😆 So much fun!
    And a lovely set with Virtue and Miss Freedom.
    Nice work again, guys 🙂

  • Beautiful photosets! Shining Spirit is flat-out gorgeous and Sin looks great as well. I’m looking forward to her debut (I take it “Sin” will be her character in the main NGC cast?) Same for “Lady X”, who’s been spectacular so far in the Power Girl, Shadowstar, and Starshot costumes. Bella is well-named, she photographs extremely well.

  • Really enjoyed these.
    I think it goes without saying at this point, I loved the Bella photo set.
    That girl comes across so naturally.
    Pairing The Announcer with Lady X was pure genius.
    It’s plain to see both actors are having an absolute ball with that shoot.
    He seems to always have a lot of fun with that role, anyway.
    Great sets. Thanks for making them available to us.

  • Love Lady X! Infinity Girl Costume next time please!
    Also a couple of thoughts –
    Lady Nemesis is a great idea – maybe use her more in the photosets as her character has the iconic silhouette that would work even better with the photoset backgrounds.
    Also for the photosets maybe get the photographer to stand on a chair or lie on the ground to get the camera angles even more dynamic?
    Hope that’s of interest!

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