Photo Set Tuesday: OUT NOW!

Already in your inboxes! Photo Set Tuesday is back with Alias fighting her boss Killscape in Bluebird form, Lightstalker in the Lady Atom costume getting squeezed by Anvil, Patriot-Girl in the Miss Freedom catsuit struggling with the might of Lady Nemesis, and a look back at classic Miss Freedom. It’s all there waiting for you!


  • Another awesome photo-set Tuesday
    Lovely set with Miss Freedom. She really looks to be enjoying herself here.
    Great to see more of Lightstalker, and to see her as the protagonist this time. She looks great in the Lady Atom suit (and I think the suit looks particularly effective with the dark background this time). Some awesome action with Anvil. Love those bear-hugs.
    Awesome Patriot-Girl set. Reminds me of how much I’m looking forward to seeing her in a video again. Naturally, she perfectly suits the Miss Freedom catsuit.
    Alias sets are always a highlight for me, and this one is no different. From the jawdroppingly beautiful photos of her posing with the chair, to the awesome action.

    Thanks for another great week 🙂

  • Patriot Girl looked absolutely stunning in that outfit. I didn’t think anybody could carry that off oss well as miss freedom. I kind of like her dead-pan expressions too.

  • Adding my voice (text?) to those praising Patriot-Girl and how she looks in the Miss F catsuit. I would definitely like to see her have a similarly styled costume in her wardrobe. Lightstalker’s photoset is absolutely spectacular. I’m loving her appearances so far.

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