Photo Set Tuesday – OUT NOW!

It’s that time again! Photo Set Tuesday has landed once more with Miracle Maiden, Miss Freedom in the Bluebird costume, Princess, and an NGC classic starring Comet Girl, Virtue & Bluebird. Open your emails now to get them!


  • Awesome sets once again 🙂
    Some lovely shots of Virtue and Comet Girl in the heritage set, as well as the group shots.
    Wonderful set with Miss Freedom, looking stunning while posing in the Bluebird suit, before Killscape drops by, followed by some great action shots. Particularly the sequence dragging her along the ground. And topped of by some nice use of restraints at the end.
    A great set with Princess, with some nice back-and-forth action. As always, she manages to slip in a touch of her trademark adorableness to the action (as in the picture above)
    The Miracle Maiden set was flat-out awesome! She was born to wear that costume. There was plenty of classic “crushed-under-foot” action, which I’m a sucker for, so I enjoyed that a lot.

    Thanks guys, and until next time 🙂

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