Photo Set Tuesday – OUT NOW!

Out NOW for Members who open their emails… Photo Set Tuesday is back once more with 4 lovely sets. Celestia in the Infinity Girl costume boxes with Requiem (it goes badly), Lightstalker pulls on the WW costume to take on a Darkheart whom she rather under-estimates. Patriot-Girl is depowered to Bluebird’s level and is accosted by a horrific crazed convict, and our classic set is from ‘Angelic Pet’ where Angel took on her nemesis; a damn Drone! All in her original silver costume. It is all there in your Member email, enjoy!


  • I can never have too much Celestia! She looks amazing in the Infinity Girl costume, and the boxing with Requiem was lot of fun.
    Holy Moly! I said it at the start of the week, but Lightstalker looks perfect for the WW suit. And I personally think she makes a more convincing Amazon than Gal Gadot. Some nice action in here too. Love the arm pins.
    Awesome set with Patriot-Girl looking lovely in the Bluebird suit. She does an amazing job of conveying her exhaustion as the set goes on (I guess you need more than just the suit to get a second wind šŸ˜‰ )
    And a gorgeous blast-from-the-past with Angel.

    Thanks for another awesome Photo Set Tuesday šŸ™‚

  • I bought them all but I particularly liked the Celestia / Requiem set. I shan’t go into detail but that first picture ticks a few boxes for me.

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