Photo Set Tuesday – OUT NOW!

OUT NOW for Members… Photo Set Tuesday returns with some really magical sets… Majesty in the Angel costume is ambushed by Snare, Bella in the Lady Victory costume gets dominated by Nemesis, Captain Infinity is double-teamed by Dr Progress and Killscape AND we have classic posed Angel in the Miss Freedom catsuit? Our best release ever? Hard to say, but it’s right up there! Already in your inboxes so better check!


  • Incredible bunch. Photo-set-Tuesdays always set a high standard, but this may be the best one yet. Certainly up there, anyway.

    Beautiful shots of Majesty in the Angel outfit. Then as soon as Snare turns up, it’s just a whole lot of fun. Love her expression when she frees her hand, then shortly afterwards when her wrist gets quickly tied again. That’s just the sort of fun editing trick I love about Snare videos, and you translated it perfectly to an image set.

    Wow! Bella as Lady Victory! She absolutely looks the part, and could easily be a relation of the original. Some great action here. And as a gogo boot lover, it was great to see the classic white gogo boots complete the outfit once again 🙂

    Gorgeous set with Angel, looking stunning in the Miss Freedom catsuit. I just got the video in the sales last weekend, so this was great to see. I also loved the inclusion of a couple of shots of her being goofy, which I’ve never seen before.

    And my personal highlight… Everything Captain Liberty does is a big hit with me (and especially when paired with the Infinity Girl costume) and this may well be my favourite photo-set I’ve seen with her. The Captain being gorgeous. Doctor Progress being his usual entertaining self (he even got Killscape to lighten up a bit at the end 😆 ), the action was awesome, and a lot of fun. Now I’m in the mood to re-watch Captain Liberty and Doctor Progress’s Championship match 😀

    Thanks guys.
    The bar was already set high, and I think you just raised it again 🙂

    • Very kind. I think these are very strong sets for all the reasons given. Very expressive work from the heroines here, I hope people who bought enjoyed, and people who haven’t bought change their mind!

  • The photo sets look great! I really like how Bella looks doing a French salute in Lady V’s costume. Can we expect to see her in a future video?

  • I hate to single out just one of these excellent photosets but the Majesty set is *epic*. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I was on the edge of my seat. Absolutely essential.

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