Photo Set Tuesday – OUT NOW!

Yes, it has returned! As sure as Monday follows Sunday, we also get Tuesday and long-term fans will know that every other Tuesday Members get photo sets! Dreamweaver gets into trouble with some ropes… Alias gets into trouble with some chloroform… Lightstalker (as Marvelette) gets into trouble with Nemesis… and Celestia IS trouble. If you want these, open your emails!


  • Awesome sets.
    Really great to see Dreamweaver again, and still looking stunning in that catsuit (and those ropes 😀 )
    Lightstalker looks fantastic as Marvelette. Great action. These recent Lightstalker sets are getting me extra excited to see her back in a video again, especially seeing her as the protagonist.
    Lovely Celestia set. She’s always been a beauty, but there’s something about season 3 Celestia that’s extra Wow!
    (and despite what you said the other day, there was a little BTS appearance from Virtue at the end there 😀 )
    And this is an amazing week for us Alias fanatics. Following last week’s awesome video and gorgeous photo-set, we now get this huge set, looking stunning in the Virtue suit, and featuring lots of great action.

    Thanks for another excellent photo-set Tuesday 🙂

  • I was planning to just buy one or two of these, but ended up getting them all.
    Wow, Lightstalker! The Marvelette costume is spectacular and she looks unbelievably good in it, just as she did as WW and Lady Atom. I hope she graces us with a video again soon. The current Marvelette is perfect, but maybe there’s a place for Lightstalker in Action Cosplay?
    I don’t often get the throwback sets, but this was Celestia in her magical auburn hair era and I didn’t have it so…

  • I am wondering is the Celestia Historical Photo Set Redone, or is it the Same as when it was Original offered, only asking because back then the Resolution or the camera wasn’t as High End as you are shooting with now ? ?

      • Thanks saved me a few $ but I will support you as I have to get at least LightStalker in Marvelette, She Looks Hot in that outfit, And maybe another one.

        Sure Hope there is going to be A video of her in an Adventure or Back and Forth Battle in that Outfit 🙂 🙂

        P.S. I am also just dying to see her in the WW conscept ! !

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