Photo Set Tuesday: OUT NOW

Photo Set Tuesday is back for our wonderful Members, and it’s another good one! Celestia in the Bluebird costume has a gas with Killscape! Miss Freedom in the Spectrum costume makes the dreadful mistake of boxing Sister Fate (KO)! Wonderstrike and Patriot-Girl in the Marvelette costume take each other down, who wins? And we have Virtue as our classic set, posing in the first Championship ring. The email has been sent, you just need to open it!


  • Another awesome photo-set Tuesday πŸ™‚
    I always say that, but when you’ve got fresh sets from not one, but TWO season 1 veterans, you know it’s got to be special.
    Amazing set with Celestia, looking as gorgeous as ever. Lots of fun action, with plenty of gas and bondage. Nice πŸ˜€
    Great to see more Miss Freedom, and back filling out that Spectrum suit spectacularly again, with some fun boxing action. Can’t forget about Sister Fate, either. Big fan of her too.
    Wonderful set with Patriot-Girl and Wonderstrike, with plenty of back and forth. Wonderstrike was particularly entertaining when she thought she had the upper hand. And Patriot-Girl looked awesome in the Marvelette suit, looking a dead-ringer for Carol Danvers in the 70’s comics.
    And Wow, a gorgeous heritage set with Virtue. This set really shows off her beauty perfectly. (I didn’t already have the video for it, so I picked that up too πŸ™‚ )

    Another great Tuesday πŸ™‚

  • Yet another photoset week where I tell myself “I don’t need to get all three new sets, do I?” then I do. The pictures of Patriot-Girl in Marvelette’s costume are breathtaking. That outfit is absolutely terrific and she’s a spectacular fit for it. Paired with the always excellent Wonderstrike, that was a must-have. It’s impossible for me to say no to new Celestia, looking as beautiful as ever in the lovely Bluebird costume. Hard to believe how glorious she looks just standing there, let alone when Killscape intrudes with his knockout gas. And yes, Miss Freedom really makes the Spectrum costume work. I notice the MF-Sister Fate photoset is “Part 1” but unlike SF I can’t see the future, so I can only wonder for now about what she’s going to do with the defeated heroine in Part 2.

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