Photo Set Tuesday: OUT NOW!

OUT NOW for Members who open their emails!! Photo Set Tuesday is back, and we’ve got another strong entry for you… Super-Bella learns about real power at the hands of Nemesis. Majesty gets over-matched against Requiem. Shining Spirit fights gamely against the Masked Man. And we delve into the back catalogue for the Celestia & Comet Girl team up set from ‘Get The Staff!’ It is all waiting in your inbox!


  • Excellent sets again 🙂
    Lovely set with Bella, looking wonderful in the iconic SG suit. Really nice action, as she gets out-supered by Nemesis.
    Possibly my favourite Majesty set so far! Another huge set, and one where the action takes many twists and turns. Both Majesty and Requiem are awesome throughout.
    Gorgeous set with Shining Spirit looking particularly radiant. Some amazing posed shots here, and some great action.
    Really nice to add the “Get the Staff” photo-set to my collection. You can never have too much Celestia, and Comet Girl’s beaming smile was a joy. And some nice action thrown in too.

    All in all, another awesome photo-set Tuesday 🙂

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