Photo Set Tuesday – OUT NOW!

OUT NOW for Members (check your emails)… Photo Set Tuesday has returned with more wonderful sets… Alias as Supremacy Alpha in Krypto Trouble! Captain Liberty gets laid out by a Darkheart (and worse), Miracle Dreamweaver tries on a little black number, and Bluebird puts a mean stretch on Miss Freedom! It is all there waiting for you!


  • Just on my way over to be them now… but Holy Moly! Is that the outfit Dreamweaver wore in the Danger Room? Wow! You all get a meddle for bringing that out again 😀

  • Absolutely fantastic!
    Alias and Captain Liberty are always major highlights for me, so a week when the BOTH appear is guaranteed to be a winner. Both sets are amazing, with lots of awesome action. Great to see lots of shots of Cap bound at the end there 😀
    I had to check, but I believe this is the first release where the Alias actress has met the Alaric actor. Would be great to see them together in a video too.
    It’s wonderful to have some fresh Dreamweaver content, and Wow! This set is certainly the thing dreams are weaved from. She looks stunning in the Miracle Maiden suit, and getting tied up again. And like I said above, thank you for getting her back in THAT costume 😮 Amazing
    And lastly, two of NGC’s biggest legends going toe to toe in the heritage set. Surely the “Batman vs Superman” of the NGC universe. Great action throughout, naturally. I especially loved seeing a couple of Bluebird’s cartwheels in photo form.

    Thank you for another amazing photo-set Tuesday 🙂

      • A quick look through my photo-set collection and I notice the Alias and Alaric actors have actually appeared together in one previous release, when Alias first wore the Red Glory outfit

  • There’s a good variety of sets. From an evil green rock (Alias/Supremacy), restraints ( Captain Liberty, Miracle Dreamweaver) and a Bluebird / Miss Freedom slugfest. Thanks for the great sets !

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