Photo Set Tuesday: OUT NOW!

It has already landed in Member inboxes! Miss Freedom gets overpowered by the Masked Man in Part 1 of their epic battle! Candy in the SG costume gets double-teamed by Dr Progress and a Darkheart! Lady X gets into a scrap with the Announcer! Chaotica has some tricks up her sleeve to possibly defeat Miracle Ali! All the excitement is waiting for you to open it!


  • Surely another candidate for best Photo Set Tuesday yet. All four of these were outstanding!!!
    The Lady X one in particular ranks high among my very favourite photo-sets.

    Thanks for another awesome Photo Set Tuesday 🙂

  • They look good but there has to be a new way to defeat the super girl offshoot other than the old neck less theme

  • She may be “Miss Freedom” but MF absolutely does not miss. Another terrific photoset here, and it’s just Part 1! Lady X continues to kill it and always fun to see the Announcer get in on the action. I was on the fence about getting the Wonder Ali set, but Chaotica tipped me into buying it, and glad I did.

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