Photo Set Tuesday – OUT NOW!

Out NOW for Members who open their emails! The heroines have a very tough Photo Set Tuesday where 3 of the 4 sets they are double-teamed! Meanwhile Miss Freedom gets enslaved by the solo Masked Man! What a disaster! Open those emails quickly!


  • Awesome sets. Certainly a big week for double-teaming
    Always great to see more Candy/Marvelette, and she was as excellent as ever.
    Really loved all three parts with Miracle Ali. Hope there’ll be more to see with her in future. And of course, Chaotica is always great fun to watch.
    The Miss Freedom set was a definite highlight. So much great stuff in there.
    And the heritage Bluebird set was a whole lot of fun.

    Thanks for another amazing photo-set Tuesday 🙂

    (Did anyone else get the email twice, 12 hours apart?)

  • All three of those sets need to be videos, and the bluebird one just makes me miss her even more! She making a comeback anytime soon 👀

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