Photo Set Tuesday: OUT NOW!!

Oh yes it is back again! Open your Member emails if you haven’t already for all the Photo Set goodness! Alias thinks she’s got the best of Sable Shadow in part 1 of their fight, until things start going wrong that is! Shining Spirit might have Galaxia’s powers, but the Masked Man always finds a way to KO his prey! Supremacy learns what true supreme power is at the hands of Lady Nemesis, who loves to stretch her! AND Red Glory and Lucy Zillion star in a posed heritage set from 2017! Open your emails!


  • Excellent sets!
    It’s always amazing to see some new, unseen Miss Freedom, and this Supremacy set was a lot of fun. Especially the stuff with the cuffs, and being made to hit herself. (And I’ll just add that this is a set that 33SP will ant to get 😉 )
    Wow-o-wow! Alias in the MF catsuit! Yes please. So happy to see that this was part 1 of 2. Looking forward to the next one.
    The Shining Spirit set was as awesome as it was huge. She’s definitely working that outfit. Stunning. Some nice action, and a bit of fun with a certain red rock.
    And finally, Red Glory and Lucy both looking gorgeous!

    Another fantastic photo-set Tuesday

  • The 4 sets are great ! There’s even handcuffs and chloro 🙂 The Shiny Galaxia set is huge at 1.56 GB. Always great to see Red Glory too !

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