Photo Set Tuesday: OUT NOW!!!

Yes, the best thing about Tuesday in the whole wide world is now in your email inbox! Super-Bella gets Enforced! Galaxia in Virtue white meets a white rag! Captain Liberty becomes KO’d Liberty, and we’ve got a great classic set starring Wonderstrike, Starshot, Red Glory, Deceptress, Spectrum AND Infinity-Girl. Absolute scenes! Open your email quickly!


  • I’m glad to see Bella back for another photo set. I suppose I’m locked into finding out how she gets on in part two. I can see how she might have success as a model. I can also understand and respect her wishes not to do live action, not wanting the bruising that comes with stunt work. I’ll bet she’d be a natural or the acting (dialogue) part, though.

    • Yeah she just isn’t interested in acting, it wasn’t any deeper than that. Also, getting thrown around and taking falls all day isn’t everyone’s idea of fun.

  • So great to see Bella again. Never can get enough of her.
    Maybe one day, you could do a “Bella Exclusive”, where all the photo sets would be of Bella as different heroines.
    Could be one of those “second chance” things where previous shoots get bundled together and republished.
    …just an idea. Maybe. One day. Maybe. =)

    Also enjoyed Galaxia’s set.
    Both women are truly gifted, in both beauty and talent.
    It was my pleasure to purchase those photo sets.

    Thanks NGC. =)

    • Technically photo sets are in rotation, so in theory they’ll come around again. Having said that, if I’m hit by a bus or whatever then everything will abruptly stop. We are also creating photo sets faster than we’re able to release them. It is a little bit like the stars around us moving further away etc.. So, your idea may become applicable at some point. All I will say, is that if you’ve chosen to give a set a miss, then it will actually be years before you see it again.

      • No, nothing about getting lost photo sets back.
        It was just an idea, based on how popular she is and a little wishful thinking because I’m a fan.
        That was all.

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