Photo Set Tuesday – OUT NOW!

OUT NOW for Members who open their emails! Photo Set Tuesday has landed! It it KO week it seems as Solaris, Maria, and Lightstalker all end up unconscious at the feet of their villainous foes! PLUS a wonderful Spectrum & Harbinger set to enjoy! Open those emails!


  • Awesome set with Solaris and Chaotica. Both ladies were excellent, as always. Whets my appetite for more Solaris this Friday.
    Wonderful debut from Maria. She’s gorgeous, and had some great facial reactions. While I’m not as big a fan of that costume as some other are, she fitted it well, and looked great. Looking forward to seeing much more of her.
    Wonderful to see some more Lightstalker. Excellent action, and lovely posing.
    Always a treat to get hold of another old Spectrum set. Gorgeous. Loved seeing Harbinger get some of the spotlight, too. Plus, great work on the upscaling 🙂

    Thanks for another excellent photo-set Tuesday

  • Solaris is a goddess, but she is also an angel when she sleeps after a knockout

    Maria has beautiful KO expressions, it raised expectations to see her in action

    I miss Lightstalker and Spectrum, two great heroines

  • Hoping to see Maria in that suit again someday! Be it video or photoset!

    Not only could she be a body double of the beloved Deceptress, but she has her own kind of beauty and seems to have solid expressions which bode well for her acting!

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