Photo Set Tuesday: OUT NOW!

Your emails should now be with you dear Members… and what a set of photo sets this time! The debut of Shining Spirit, Supremacy Alpha getting squashed by Nemesis, and Majesty in the Red Glory costume! Not to mention our re-release of Steel Sister! If you’ve not already, open those emails!


  • Wow! These were all amazing!
    Great to get a photo-set of Steel Sister. I love both her videos.
    Lovely set of Majesty as Red Glory. She really suits that look. And the baddies were snappy dressers too 😀
    I keep saying it, but Alias/Supremacy Alpha is one of my firm favourites… and she was born to wear that SG costume. Awesome set!
    Holy Moly! Shining Spirit! Yes please! Can’t wait to see her debut that character on video. Going by her performances so far in AC, I feel confident in predicting she’ll be another firm favourite.
    Looking forward to seeing more of her on Friday.
    Thanks for more amazing set 🙂

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    I am loving Photoset Tuesdays! This is a fantastic vehicle for creative, fun play with the many performers, characters, and costumes NGC has developed. The Majesty set is spectacular. She’s beautiful, looks great in the Red Glory costume, and I love her expressiveness. I got a kick out of the height difference between her and the Duke and glad to see his evolution in style. Requiem is wonderful as well. The set with newcomers Shining Spirit and Sin is incredible as well. They both look like stars.
    I hope the photosets keep coming.

  • I think we’ve reached “The Gold Standard” of Photo Sets with this week’s offerings.
    It seems all of us are very happy with this week’s collection and I’m thinking it may be the one future sets may be measured against (although, honestly, I can’t see any failing to measure up).
    Onto the point of this post, though…I seem to remember a remark about Majesty 1 being dressed in the Red Glory outfit, suggesting a “Mary Marvel-type” character, when the photo set was first announced.
    Now maybe I’m a little biased here, as Mary Marvel is one my favourite comic book heroines, but after viewing that particular photo set, I think NGC might be onto something.
    This also alludes back to Lizzie’s comment to Caroline, at the end of their latest adventure, about changing her costume.
    ….maybe, instead, Lizzie could change hers?
    …maybe not. Just a thought.
    Anyway, thank you NGC for the latest photo set.
    You definitely hit a home run this week. 🙂

    • I’m afraid I’m not clever enough to anticipate someone else’s comment like that, but she looks good in red! I’m glad you enjoyed the sets.

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