Photo Set Tuesday – OUT NOW!

Member Emails have arrived! We’ve got the debuts of Patriot-Girl v Darkheart (236 Photos) and Lady X as Starshot v Nemesis (203 Photos). We’ve got Captain Liberty v Dr Progress (162 Photos), and a classic Bluebird set from Season 3 Side Mission 2 ‘Brainwash’ (66 Photos). Wonderful stuff, open your emails!



  • Awesome sets!
    I may be biased (because she’s my fave) but that Captain Liberty set was amazing! Everything she does is gold. A lot of great poses and fun moves. Dr Progress, as ever, was very entertaining.
    Loved the two new girls.
    Lady X has an amazingly expressive face. Loved her reactions. Great to see the Starshot costume again, too, because that’s one of my favourite costumes.
    I can already tell that I’m going to love Patriot-Girl. Lovely set.
    Can’t wait to see them both in videos 🙂

    • I swear Guido84 and I are different people, but I agree completely with his comment. Captain Liberty is my current fav and this photoset is the latest example of her excellence. Also very happy to see Starshot’s spectacular costume again and Lady X makes great pictures. Really impressed with Patriot Girl as well! A very generous photoset and she looks like a fast favorite.

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