Photo Set Tuesday: OUT NOW!

Dear Members, your inbox has now been gifted a wondrous email giving you access to 4 fantastical sets of photos! We have Bella Atom v Anvil, Aurora v Requiem, and Captain Deceptress making the dreadful mistake of taking on Nemesis AND Killscape at the same time!! Of course, we cannot forget the classic re-release of ‘Lady Victory Origins – Part 1’ photo set, which truly is a classic set, I’m not just saying it. Open your emails to get them!

Not a member yet? Well, although you’ve missed these releases, you can be certain that we’ve got something pretty great coming up, so make sure you join today. IT IS FREEEEEEEEE


  • Four amazing sets, once again 🙂
    Welcome aboard to lovely new-girl Bella. A nice (and very long) introduction to her. Look forward to seeing more of her.
    Another fantastic set with Aurora, once again looking gorgeous in the Miss Freedom catsuit. I mean, Wow! (were some of those shots leftovers from her first photoshoot, where she fought Alaric? I enjoyed those too)
    Of course, I love anything involving Captain Liberty, and this was no exception. Some nice cape action in there too 😀
    You weren’t kidding about the Lady Victory set! That must be her quintessential photoshoot. Absolutely gorgeous! I’ve seen a few of them crop up as the “Photo of the Day” in the past, and it’s great to finally see them in all their glory. (plus the couple of bonus shots of the lovely blonde baddie from part 2 didn’t hurt either 😉 )

    Another excellent photo set Tuesday 🙂

  • I have this picture in my head of NGC in a wizard’s costume (with the big pointy hat and everything) in a room, mixing “potions”, creating these unbelievably beautiful women.
    …it’s the only thing I can think of, that explains how he continuously finds these incredibly beautiful and talented actresses.
    If she sticks around for any amount of time (please!), I predict Bella will be a hit here.
    Thank you, NGC.
    Based on this week’s photo set, she’s truly a find.

    • I’ve often wondered if people think they all live in my basement, especially when I get emails asking for Powerstar v Athena or some such.
      Yes, she’s a real stunner, but again, primarily a model. She is a terrific dancer so could make videos but she has no interest in acting sadly. There will be more photo sets though!

      • Re: “…living in my basement…”.
        LOL! I almost lot my coffee when I read that (its ok).
        Good one! 😀

        Re: Bella
        Ah shot, that’s is sad to read.
        However, it reminds me of similar comments I read when I first asked about the model who eventually became Dreamweaver, so that gives me a little hope that she may have a change of heart in the (near) future.
        If a video(s) ever does surface, I will surely buy it…otherwise, I look forward to seeing her in future phot sets.
        Thank you for the information. Appreciate your time.

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