Photo Set Tuesday! OUT NOW!

Yes, it’s time for another Photo Set Tuesday! This week we have Miracle Majesty v Bad Girl, who puts her in a hypnotic trance and forces her to kneel, a beautiful posed Celestia set in the SG costume, and also Aurora in the Starlight costume taking on Alaric and the Enforcer at once! Our heritage re-release is Miss Freedom posed in her catsuit, which was released in late 2013 with ‘Secret Defeat – Part 2’. All members should have received their email by now, so make sure to grab these sets while you can!


  • 4 more incredible sets!
    Majesty totally suits the WW outfit, and I hope it’s not the last time we see her in it (I also thought the same about the Athena costume she wore in a previous set). Loved the bad girl too 😀
    Celestia is as stunning as ever, and I especially liked those flying shots.
    I loved Aurora last time, and I loved her even more here. She looks incredible in that costume (and what a great costume it is!) Gotta have more!
    And a wonderful heritage set, with Miss Freedom looking gorgeous in my favourite Miss Freedom costume.

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