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Most of you I hope will be noticing an evolution at NGC recently. Not just new characters, but hopefully you’ve spotted that on average the videos are longer and have even more action than before. This is all planned as we’ve made changes to the way we shoot and the emphasis we put on certain things.

Our next big change is coming to Photo Sets. Over the next several months we will be ramping up our photo set output. You will still get a set with every video release on Friday’s as before. However, in addition, due to the popularity of photo set releases during the worst parts of the pandemic, we’re going to be releasing photo sets on TUESDAY’S as well.

The plan at the moment is to release 3 new sets at a time, and possibly a heritage set that most people haven’t been able to get since its release years ago.

These new sets will be significantly bigger than the sets that get released with videos on Friday’s. They will be action oriented we feel, with fight scenes and perilous moments shot in stills in their own time in a photo studio. This will mean the sets on average will be of an even higher standard, and according to the reaction we got to our photo set weekends over the winter, of stronger interest to more people.

Sets will revolve around our characters, but also there will be a little bit of ‘What If?’ costume swapping. We are also getting new costumes made from Film and TV outside of our world to put our actresses in, to add even more excitement to the offering.

Below are shots from our first run of 3 new photo sets, starring Alias, Deceptress, and Majesty:


Full details will arrive in Members inboxes next Tuesday. To be clear, this is another members only perk. These sets will not be made available to non-members for the foreseeable future, which means several years. At this point, if you aren’t a member, you are barely getting a quarter of the value that we offer at NGC. Early video releases, discounts, and access to a huge number of photo sets now, and far more coming.

We’ll be shooting more and more of these as time goes by and we hope before too long to make this a weekly offering on top of the videos. I hope you will support it! Thank you.


  • Great news! NGC has always been prolific, but this is a substantial, impressive uptick and I couldn’t be happier. I’m glad to ;earn that people are noticing how great the photosets are. I used to skip them most often, but now they’re a regular buy, because they’re always offering different content. Costume swapping, staged fight and peril situations that aren’t in videos, even the sets that do accompany a video have alternative poses and even outcomes. Fantastic.

  • I have really enjoyed some of the peril scenes in the photo sets I have bought over time, so I’m really looking forward to new ones.

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @Oladeji – This is difficult to engineer because we will see each heroine for a photoshoot once or maybe twice a year, so someone could ask for a custom with a particular character, but we won’t be doing photos with them for almost a year, so it doesn’t really work I’m afraid. If anyone can think how it could I might be open to it.

  • I’ve been really enjoying the recent photosets, so this is great news!
    A lovely sneak-peak at these three sets. I can’t wait to see them in full. Especially Alias. I’ve mentioned a couple of times now how I’ve fallen for her big time already.
    Will the availability of these sets expire just like the weekend members gifts and sets?
    Are there really still people who come here and *haven’t* signed up for membership? What’s the deal?! C’mon now…It’s free, and there’s so many perks. It’s a no-brainer

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @guido84 – If you don’t delete the member emails, the links should still work in them to buy. These won’t expire like member gifts.

  • GrootMaster says:

    Looking forward to the new plans. Will actress of Celestia be back on set and any new release if her coming out soon?

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @GrootMaster – I’ve not decided when her next release will be, but we are still shooting with her so something will arrive eventually.

  • More content is always welcome, and I´m not complaining since it´s nice to see the girls swapping costumes or just using older ones for nostalgia´s sake, The only thing is that it may be a little overwhelming for new users some time down the line if 3 sets are released every week to keep track of them or the links to but them
    Will you open a new category or new site just for photosets? or will they be griouped for each charatcer? I think that last one could certainly work!
    Wish you the ebst of luck with this new release schedule!

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @Maf – While I won’t rule out a new site or place for photo sets in the future, it will not be soon. I want members to have a huge advantage. If you don’t delete the member emails, the links should still work.

  • PunchJonny says:

    Dr. Mabuse ya totally your photoshoots are freaking awesome and thanks for listening to the people and letting us buy that Erica in that in catsuit post haste!!! I seriously can’t for that photoshoot, it’s literally my favorite current heroine in my favorite costume.

  • Wooow! Can’t decide which teaser is better. I’m really into the new Majesty, she’s too beautiful! Is that a new villain too? I liked, she looks badass and stylish! Also, any chance of Erica Lynn play as Ms. Freedom at some point in storyline? This would be awesome!

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @Geo – I wouldn’t have Erica play Miss Freedom in the story, I’d be prepared to contrive an idea that sees her wear this outfit in a video, but she doesn’t live in the UK anymore and getting her over here, while possible pre-pandemic, isn’t possible right now. I hope things change soon.

  • I’m kind of intrigued about this new majesty screenshot is this a preview to a new Majesty video in the works possibly?

  • Mad respect to Andrew for taking the time to respond to almost every comment!
    And I second Geo´s idea of Erica wearing that costume in a video someday if that´s even possible after the pandemic.I imagine lockdown was a hell of a trip and I´m just happy NGc came out of it alive!

  • Andrew – could you please check my prior post (dated 7/21/2021 @ 7:29pm).
    I do not recall making that post. I don’t even think I stopped by here yesterday.
    I’m wondering if my account got hacked.

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @bleh – It is someone else using a different email address, they just used the same handle as you but with a capital ‘B’. Perhaps a crazy coincidence?

  • I’d also like to second Drobicaffi’s idea of the various “NGC players” bound while wearing the Supreme costume (along with some hand gags! Yeah!) .

    …and for Andrew – just letting you know, this is really me. I actually wrote this. Thanks for any help you can provide with my prior request. =)

  • Andrew – Ha! Never occurred to me, someone might just happen to pick the same moniker!
    Thank you for looking into this. I feel much better now. =)

  • Great news.
    Hats off to Andrew Admin answering so many questions!
    Photo sets are a great idea, because I can’t always get a video every week.

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