Pirates & Prisons – 1st Previews

Wonderstrike goes undercover in her solo effort to bring down the trade in dangerous anti-heroine weapons. Her first target is ‘Requiem’, the space pirate currently trapped on Earth. After discovering a small sample of her deadly wares, Wonderstrike goes on the offensive. However, as strong as she is, she doesn’t understand the powers these weapons wield. Will it be Wonderstrike who ends up captured? Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website.


  • Wonderstrike hasn’t been as strong as she used to be lately. I remember from the teamed up fight with Majesty she didn’t even get to use her blast. Has she gotten weaker?

    • I think she’s just faced tough villains, or in the case of ‘Villains Accomplice’ she showed she was a formidable fighter, but fell foul of a controlling weapon.

      • True. But in Dark Mercenary, Wonderstrike easily overpowered Anvil, but in Dimensional Rip, she was easily overwhelmed by him. She could have used her blast there…

        Don’t get me wrong, I love when Wonderstrike is put in perilous situations, but it should be acknowledged that she’s getting weaker. And in comparison to Majesty, she’s not on the same level.

        • You’re right that in Dark Mercenary, Wonderstrike easily overpowered a gloved Anvil and in Dimensional Rip, she seemed to be even with an ungloved Anvil and beaten badly and knocked out by a gloved Anvil.

          But there could be other reasons too! Maybe she didn’t want to use her blast to avoid hitting Majesty. Also remember that just before being beaten up by the gloved Anvil, she also fought with and took some hard hits from Requiem.

          • Good point! I never thought about the blast as something that could hurt her team mate. I hope that’s a consideration that’ll be further explored in the future episodes.

            You’re right about her taking hard hits from Requiem, but to be honest I thought she would fair better with her too. She just seems in a very weak form compared to Majesty who is pretty much a newbie.

        • Sorry to muscle in on your coversation, but I just wanted state, on the level of strength Wonderstrike possess, she’s always been weaker than Majesty.
          It may not seem like it, but Majesty is almost as strong as Lady Victory (one of the strongest characters in the entire NGC universe), while Wondertrike has always sat at a happy medium between Lady Victory and Miss Freedom.

          • You’re right. In that Majesty team-up episode I was literally caught off guard that how the more experienced heroine struggled compared to the newcomer.

            I loved it though. It made the peril even more palpable. Her dignity was at stake!

  • Yet another Wonderstrike video? This is too much… I’m kidding of course. If you wanted to set up a new operation that did nothing but produce weekly Wonderstrike adventures I would be a permanent subscriber.

    • Emphatically seconded. I’d also love to see heroines get trapped from time to time, caught in some kind of restraint rather than waking up from a KO in chains.

      • Same!

        Wonderstrike has been in a lot of restrains lately. From Villain’s Accomplice to Dark Mercenary, she often ended up in a powerless form. And the worst must be the danger room episode. Having her hands and feet chained to the wall, her vulnerability was really exposed to the laser.

        • If you trace Wonderstrike’s history back to the days when she was usually teamed up with (the sadly missed) Red Glory, I think you’ll find she’s been tied up more often than any other heroine in the NGC universe…..seems like it, anyway. =)

          • Please give me some episode references! I don’t think I’ve seen many of the old episodes with Wonderstrike!

    • Yes, another way is if you are looking at a specific video and you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see the characters who were in it. You then click on the character you want and it goes to their character page with all of their videos on there.

    • oh sorry I should have been more specific! I knew how to use that character page. I meant give me some recs of episodes when Wonderstrike gets tied up!

      • Here’s a quick list of Wonderstrike films with certain elements. I thought the Wonderstrike films were all good though:

        -Pirates & Prisons – chloro then chained
        -Villain’s Accomplice – Part 1 – chloro
        -Villain’s Accomplice – Part 2 – bound in undercover clothing, bound & gagged as Wonderstrike
        -Dark Mercenary – unconscious & posed with arms in some kind of railing
        -Wonderstrike in The Danger Room – lots of bondage
        -Candy Crush -bound & gagged
        -A Game Of Two Halves – Wonderstrike debooted
        -Labyrinth – Wonderstrike & Red Glory both chained and then chloroformed
        -Devil’s Playground – Wonderstrike & Red Glory knockout gas

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