Pirates & Prisons – Final Previews

OUT TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website…. Wonderstrike uses a disguise to break into Requiem’s safe-house and uncover her stash of inter-dimensional weaponry. However, it isn’t long before the space pirate catches on to Wonderstrike’s disguise and they get involved in a mighty scrap. The world is wise to Wonderstrike’s amazing powers, unfortunately her understanding of galactic gadgets is far weaker, and Requiem is ready to pounce. Will it be Wonderstrike or Requiem who ends up in prison?


  • Wonderstrike returns to undercover work with abysmal results (for her, but not for us), running afoul of Requiem’s contraband weapons/heroines dealer. WS’s fights are always high quality and this one doesn’t disappoint, with Requiem more than holding up her end. Between this character and the Enforcer, she’s killing it recently.
    It’s not a total squash, but once Requiem has used one of her gadgets to take the fight out of WS she’s at the villain’s mercy for most of the remainder, ending with
    ***Spoiler alert, but you’ve seen the previews, right?

    Wonderstrike’s best chloroform scene to-date (and she’s done several great ones), followed by a lovely scene chained and struggling with the pirate gloating over her.

    ***Spoilers over
    I never think twice before getting a Wonderstrike photoset and am never disappointed.

  • Overall I thought it was a great film. I also liked the part where Wonderstrike & Requiem were both going back and forth verbally and physically trying to prove that they were the better of the two 🙂

  • Wow this is one hell of a film! Wonderstrike is sensational and for one thing, I always love seeing the expression on her face right before she letting out that power blast. I can always tell the effort she takes to conjure up the power inside of her– she looks vulnerable in those moments.

    In this video, immediately after the blast that Requiem absorbs, I could so viscerally observe the weak state releasing her power puts her in. The despair on her face is so palpable. She knew she’s over. She knew she would have no chance to win without her precious power.

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